Monday, 27 February 2012

Monthly Food Bill

As part of my frugal new ways I have set up a spreadsheet in which I record all expenditure.  Our biggest expenditure (aside from the huge mortgage) has always been food and petrol (that one I’ll leave for another day).  On reviewing my credit card bills from last year we were spending on average £600 per month on food, drink and household essentials (loo paper etc).  Considering we are just a household of two plus small dog, this is quite something.  This was the first area that I knew I had to take control of. 
As we approach month end I have just totted up February and it comes to £228.34, I still think this is too much for just the two of us.  Quite a bit of it was unplanned spend, the old popping in for a loaf of bread and £14 later ……..  
So in March much more planning is required – end of March’s bill will be larger due to the 40th birthday celebrations, but take that out of the equation and I hope to do better than February’s shopping bill.
I am going to unashamedly steal top tips from my favourite blogger Frugal Queen and shop my cupboards and freezer and see how many meals I already have and then plan from there.  Ideally I want to get to a place where the monthly food bill is around the £100 mark and £30 for household essentials.  That’s the challenge but with ever increasing food prices and even with my culinary skills I think this is going to be perhaps a bit too ambitious, we can but try J

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