Saturday, 7 January 2012

Every Journey ....

As some wise bod once wittered, every journey starts with a single step and this today is my single step.  I don't pretend to come with any real knowledge or expertise, I refrain from being an expert in anything, always erring on the defintion proffered by my old college tutor - x is the unknown factor and a spurt is a drip under a tap.  However I have been dabbling with frugality for some time, not an easy thing as "he who should be obeyed " is a devout consumerist with (regrettably) champagne tastes but beer money.   I want however to become more serious with that dabbling to try and consume less, save more and live a more free life.  Paying debts off (including mortgage) as quickly as possible provides the one thing most of us wish for and that is financial freedom. 

Whilst financial freedom would be fabulous, keeping the old noggin above water in this day and age of rising costs and salaries which have been and will continue to be frozen, equating in real terms to a pay cut each year for the past 3 years is a more realistic goal.

So here it is day one of my journey, the better half already believes me to be quite frugal, however on reviewing some of my favourite bloggers I am very much a novice, a mere apprentice with so much to learn.  So I hope you want to join me on this journey and forgive my daily witterings .....

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