Monday, 16 July 2012

Devil of a Den

Our Second Reception Room is a bit of a multi-purpose room, I suppose many are.  It is in the main Hubby’s den and had become a bit of a dumping ground.  This is his room to practise his musical instruments (piano, guitar, flute, very talented) and also play his big boy toys (or not so big) Wii, PS3, as we have no children it is in effect his play room J

So I spent a good portion of today deep cleaning/ tidying the room so it went from this

To this

Today has flown by quick clean/tidy of the house, stripping bed, laundry and a jaunt into town to collect mum and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary present.  They are impossible to buy for but enjoy going away on short breaks with a local coach company who are excellent at providing holidays for pensioners J and we have all clubbed together (thank fully we are a big family) and bought them a short break away.  I then popped to the bank to pay in a cheque and then to Sainsbury’s to buy some cake making ingredients in preparation of the great bake on Friday. 

It really was a day for ducks today hopefully it will be a tad better tomorrow J


  1. My spare bedroom is a bit like that, actually who am I kidding, mine is much worse. I need to have a mammoth cleaning session in there, you have inspired me.

  2. Where have you gone? Your blog is missed
    I keep checking it. Hope everything is ok?

    Best wishes

  3. I still look out for you on this blog most nights. I really enjoyed reading it. I do hope you haven't stopped blogging altogether? I hope you are ok?

    Best regards
    Sarah. X

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  6. I still look for your blog and wonder what happened to you. I would love to hear you are ok. You are missed. X

  7. Been a year since I last commented. I hope you have just changed your email and are not receiving these comments. If you are I really hope you are ok. X