Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On the menu this week

A little late this week J

Well it’s the usual for breakfasts and lunches, however on the teas menu this week

Monday               Mushroom Risotto
Tuesday               Cottage Pie, cabbage
Wednesday          Homemade Veggie Pizza
Thursday              Sausage and Bean Hotpot (hubby won’t be home until 9pm so it’s an easy click   
                            ping for him at work and me at home)
Friday                  Veggie Curry and Naan bread
Saturday              Fish fingers, oven chips and beans (niece is coming for tea, it’s her choice and I
                            can’t be bothered cooking another meal for us)
Sunday                 Roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings

Going back to Sunday's blog I don’t ever judge, we all walk our own path but I am lucky that I am still in a financial position to be able to buy the best meat I can, however I manage to do it financially and still remain within my frugal constraints due to a change in how much we eat.  We did use to eat meat 7 nights a week, I can’t believe it actually however as part of my journey to consume less as well as save money I now pepper my week with vegetarian meals.  This week sees 3 nights wholly vegetarian and one night fish (can you call fish fingers fish lol J) thus reducing my 7 nights of meat down to 3 and I can honestly say we don’t feel as though we are missing out or even consciously realise the meal is vegetarian.    

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  1. Made my first home made pizza this week. Won't be buying shop or takeaway again. What a cheap meal. Used BBQ sauce as the base and chicken, mushrooms and onions on top. This used to cost us £15 at a well known pizza delivery shop (named after a popular game with black blocks and dots on them,)
    Veggie definitely costs less and I feel better too. Good for you!