Monday, 11 June 2012


Apologies that I have been missing, we have had a bit of a family emergency which has meant that every waking hour I have either been working or sitting by my brother’s bedside in intensive care, fitting in disjointed sleep and eating when I can.  Thankfully he has now been moved to a normal ward and whilst he has a long road ahead and predicted to be in hospital another 6 months, he is, thank the lord, on the road to recovery and life for me is starting to return to something slightly resembling normality.
When life throws a curve ball of this magnitude, best intentions and plans go out of the window.  One thing that frugality always needs is time, time to plan, time to be organized, time to do / make do rather than buy and sadly time has been an absolute luxury that for the past 4 weeks I simply haven’t had and time is something that I doubt I will ever take for granted again. 
I adore my brother and while he fought for his life, my time was the only thing I could give him, my time to hold his hand, my time to make sure he was never left alone, I would have never forgiven myself if the worst was to happen and he was alone, the very least I could do in the long hours when I felt helpless was just to be there.
So the remainder of May /beginning of June was not frugal, the daily £3 car parking charges and the extra petrol, coupled with the grab and go easy meals, from grabbing sandwiches on the go to grabbing a ready meal/ takeaway to nourish the body have taken their financial toll.  I have to say also that I feel like crap, partly I’m sure due to lack of sleep and I am just getting my body clock on an even keel again, but huge part to not eating  properly, relying on expensive, additive ridden, processed food, my body has been craving my homemade cooking. 
Yesterday I made a batch of homemade pea and ham soup which is on the menu for tonight’s tea and I know will taste like absolute heaven.  I had to press the pause button on my frugal life but oh so glad for oh so many reasons that I can now press the play button again J


  1. What a terrible time. It sounds like it's going to be a long haul for your brother- I wish him well, and hope that his recovery will be speedier than anticipated. The shock and stress of what you've been through has probably played a part in you feeling like you do. As much rest as possible, good food and being kind to yourself should help.

  2. Hi. I have been reading your blog and enjoying it very much for a while but I have never left a message before. Am so sorry that you are having a tough time. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery and hoping that you'll feel much better soon. Please take good care of yourself.