Sunday, 26 February 2012

Family Days

Treasured nephew came to stay for the weekend, he is a dynamo, full of so much energy that now and again this 8 year old whirring dervish comes to stay so his mum and dad get a little respite and more importantly a much needed lie in. 
Now prior to my frugal ways this weekend would have cost an arm and a leg, a trip into town, toy, comic and chocolate bought.  Out for tea – this nephew has fussy tastes and it was always easy to take him to the local Harvester so he could chow down on roast chicken, mash and gravy, a favourite of his, not on the menu here (hubby not a mash fan).  Usually a cinema trip and the following morning out for coffee (hot choc in his case) a walk and perhaps another stop in another shop for a little treat.  The weekend would quite easily have set me back £100.  However these are different days and the bank balance wouldn’t cope with the strain.
So how to entertain the little blighter without getting myself further into debt – well afternoon entertainment was a trip to the football – he was mad to go and at £5 a relative bargain for the afternoon, spent with his favourite uncle J whilst his favourite aunt was busy at home – I made a fab chocolate cake, all the ingredients except the cooking chocolate where already in the storecupboard/ fridge, the chocolate cost £1.29 and I made roast chicken, mash potatoes and gravy (darling hubby had oven chips instead), the chicken was the basic range from Sainsburys, first time I had tried their basic chicken at £4 and more than impressed.  With a bag of potatoes for £1.  I also bought him some chocolate as a treat 4 cadburys caramel on special offer for £1. 
The evening was spent eating his favourite meal, playing top trumps and settling down to watch a DVD with some chocolate and cuddles.
Sunday morning after breakfast involved playing with his action figures (imagination comes free) before getting showered and dressed and going out for a walk.  Before returning home and playing a game until his dad came to collect him.
The weekend cost a total of £12.29 and according to nephew he had a brilliant time; our time, attention and imagination dont cost a thing and those, are things at his tender age, mean the most.  So whilst I still would have loved to have bought him a new toy, or a comic, I don’t think he missed them and I’m glad I didn’t succumb to temptation.
Postscript... The left over chicken, potato coupled with some chicken stock and veggies from the freezer has just made a fab soup - enough for all my lunches next week plus a tea for me and hubby :)

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