Tuesday, 28 February 2012

On the menu today ......

Hubby: Weetabix for breakfast with skimmed milk and juice, for lunch, ham sandwich and took his usual 2 bananas and 2 apples which he munches on during the day.  Tea was homemade chicken and veg soup (Saturday tea leftovers) with bread and homemade chocolate cake. 
Me: no breakfast (I never do, I know it’s really unhealthy but I get up and out sooo early the thought of food is incomprehensible) – Lunch was out at an Italian restaurant eating pasta and garlic bread, now this normally would not be frugal, however my best friend (who is Italian) owns two Italian restaurants so lunch was free J– and tea (as I was still full from lunch) consisted of a small bag of chocolate mini eggs L
The day was going so well spends wise in that I hadn’t spent anything, however tomorrow is my last day in work prior to my birthday and as is tradition I must go in with cakes for the team.  I could have made the cakes and saved some money, but time has been my enemy and I had to buy, that coupled with a loaf of bread and a treat for hubby and me – shopping cost just over £12 ummm these little stop offs are always my downfall – ah well onwards and upwards tomorrow J

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