Sunday, 6 May 2012

Best Laid Plans ......

When I devised my meal plan last Sunday, I had predicted Saturday to be the usual affair, spend all day pottering around the house, tidying, cleaning, laundry, cooking and I had intended to make homemade pizza for tea.  That was then and due to very nice last minute invitations, a very different, very full, yet still very frugal day was the order of the day.
I got up at 6am and worked like a demon so that by 10am the house was scrubbed from top to bottom, 3 loads of washing done and drying in the beautiful sunshine, everything lovely and sparkly - perfect way to start the weekend.
We went for lunch with my very best friend, we struggle to see each other as whilst she is financially rich she regrettably is very time poor as she owns and runs two Italian restaurants.  We always meet once a week for coffee (as one of her restaurants is in the City I work, whilst the other is in the Country nearer to where I live) at her place, however she is always doing paperwork and the phone always interrupts us – so it was lovely to see her for a proper lunch (this was at her country restaurant where she had great staff who always look after us very well), it was just great to sit, eat and put the world to rights for a couple of hours uninterrupted (well apart from the odd customer coming over to say hello). 
After this we nipped to see hubbys nan – 92 years and still going strong, she has the most darling bichon Gigi (hubbys nan used to breed Bichons) so this snap is entitled “When DD met Gigi”

We then hot footed it over to my parents where my sister and her family had come up for the weekend, its was great to see them, full of chat and laughter.  Whilst we were still stuffed from lunch we still managed to squeeze in some of my mums homemade cake washed down with lots of tea and got home just in time to fall into bed, exhausted but happy. 
Postscript: I had bought the kids some chocolate and gave them both a tenner each, as I say we don’t see each other very much due to a 500 mile distance only perhaps twice a year, so when I do see them I owe them a few treats.  I still consider this a very frugal day, fed and watered by my beloved friends and family with their fabulous company all free of charge J

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