Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Conquering the world ......

....One cupboard at a time.  My home is a façade, to the unsuspecting visitor it appears clean, tidy, ordered and serene,  and on the surface it is ..... but open a cupboard or a drawer and I swear a lost Inca tribe could be hiding in there J
So it’s time to instill that order, as the chaos creates unnecessary spending, if you can’t find something or forgotten you have bought something, you will end up buying again the thing you already have. 
So the first cupboard found a small pharmacy, no need to buy any cold/flu remedy or pain killers for about 5 years me thinks.  Also plasters – I could stock a red cross field hospital, so creating the order will not only create a truly serene living space but will also create savings

By utilising storage containers I already have, plastic tuppaware, biscuit tins e voila


  1. Im not the worlds tidiest person but i know where things go.OH is a stuff it anywhere person.I saw a box recently that said put in here ,find 3 to 12 years later.seriously considered buying it for him

  2. My garage looks like that, but on a massive scale! I keep on opening the door and shoving something else in there. I need to stop and do what you did to that cupboard.