Monday, 7 May 2012

Fun Free Days

Before the start of my journey to consume and spend less,  we would think nothing of just hopping in the car on a day out, a long drive in the country, lunch and a potter in some galleries, shops and always buy something (s) easily spending anything from £100 – 200
So bank holiday weekend, and yesterday a free Sunday with no jobs to do around the house, oh what to do that won’t break the bank?  Well we started by going to mass and I found that there was a free art exhibition by the local art society about 100 yards from church.  So following mass, we stopped off at a local café and shared a small bottle of sparkling elderflower before spending about 40 minutes wandering around the exhibition.  Some of the works were of a high standard and some ….. well ha hum, at least they had a go and I always admire that J
Hubby really wanted to go out for lunch – you may have read before that whilst he is fully supportive of my journey he is not a fully committed passenger, firmly believing life is too short.  However as he loves me he is trying his best (god bless him).  I managed to persuade him to come to me to Booths (not sure in the South that you have Booths but it’s a fabulous supermarket , in my humble oppion far superior to M&S and on a par to Waitrose, similarly priced but you get such lovely local produce) and instead I would cook him a restaurant standard meal at home for a fraction of the price.  I now always feel ripped off paying to eat out which often is sadly disappointing. 
So I not only bought lunch for today but also tomorrow, as well as meat, bread and fruit to see us through the week.  Total cost of our home restaurant boozy lunch came to £19.57, a fabulous feast, with some great wine, hubby was impressed and satisfied both with the food and the price.
Hubby – Pate, chutney and toast
Me – Fishcake, raita and salad

The best chicken ceasar salad ever – it was sooo deliscious if I don’t mind saying so myself, with fresh bread

Coffee Renoir

Washed down by 2 bottles of a really clean, crisp white wine. 

We then snuggled up on the sofa and watched an old film

It was a fabulous day and even better didn’t break the bank.


  1. Well done. My hubby is not always as on board as I would like either. I often feel disappointed when eating out on the rare occasion we do. Sounds like a lovely day.

  2. Thank goodness! I initially read the title as a day free from fun. X