Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Christmas?... May?.... Are you mad?

Yes, yes and yes.  My Christmas planning starts in earnest end of April / May, to be honest Christmas, squirrelling out gifts etc is a 12 month, full-time job and I love every minute of it lol.
The reason for this is I buy gifts for 44 people! – I know its mad, a lot of these are children, nieces, nephews, god children, then very close relations and a few friends plus thank you gifts for the staff who work jolly hard that both me and hubby manage in the day job. 
I hit the sales as soon as Christmas Day is over, re-stocking my gift cupboard, I look out for sales, discounted gifts throughout the year, as the closer you get to Christmas the price on everything rises; I make my own cards; I save wrapping paper, gift bags, packaging from the previous Christmas and recycle; use my imagination; make some things and keep it as low cost but still generous of heart as much as possible. 
Over the months I will be sharing my top tips for a frugal Christmas, Frugal gift ideas, recipes, decorating etc, I’m no expert and I know I could do so much better, but I'll share in any case J.  So please forgive me mentioning the C word as early as May – ho ho ho
Christmas Card Making
I have had a day’s leave today to childmind my doggie (lol) my lovely parents (mummy and daddy bear) are on holiday in America visiting my sister and family.  They childmind our darling cavachon two days per week, therefore I have taken a couple of days off this week so as not to break her routine too much and keep her company, although she spends most of the day sleeping I’m sure she does so more contented knowing that I’m here.  So I have spent a couple of lovely hours Christmas Card Making, all the cards cost 5p each and are made by recycling previous years cards sent to us and dismantling other cards saving little gems, ribbons and other embellishments, plus using some card making kits which I've been given as gifts.  Gallery of what I’ve made today below J


  1. Your cards are so lovely! I love Christmas. Each year my daughter and I swap a piece of needlework, and I try to start looking for just the right design right after the holidays and start it in the summer. You can never prepare too early when it costs money.

  2. I start Christmas shopping early. Last month I bought some lego for one of my nephews that was greatly reduced. I usually buy my Christmas cards in January but this time I might take up your idea. I am also on the look out for other frugal ideas for presents. Last year I made some scarves. Happy crafting.

  3. You defiantly have the right idea when you are buying for so many , might consider starting earlier myself more because I hate all the queues , love your cards very professional looking x

  4. Hi like your blog! I have a big family so I also start Christmas shopping early. I like to make a lot of it and since this takes time I usually start between February and March. Love your cards!