Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cooking & Cards

I write this in an exhaustive state, my day started a little after 8am and I have just stopped at 7pm, its been a busy but highly productive one.  All household chores are done, I can finally see the bottom of the ironing basket, a rarity I must say and I have had a mammoth batch cooking session. 
The freezer was looking a little empty so I thought I would stock it up for May.  These are my mid week homemade ready meals, not only a life saver as they are low cost, healthy and scrummy; they just require warming through (and at most cooking some pasta/rice or fresh veggies), but they also stop the expensive picking up something quick on the way home from work which is often the ruination of my healthy eating plan and also my budget.
So in this session I made (for two people)
  • 2 Lasagne's (enough for 4 meals)
  • Bolognese (left over from making the lasagne's but enough for one meal)
  • Sausage & Bean Hotpot (enough for 3 meals)
  • Pea & Ham Soup (enough for 2 meals)
  • Vegetarian Curry (enough for 4 meals)
  • Chilli Con Carne (we had one for tea but I have enough for 2 more meals) 

So that’s 16 evening meals sorted, as we always have a toast night midweek, that’s pretty much all our workday teas done for May – hard work but phew it will be worth it.
A good friend of ours just got a new job, so I knocked up a card this afternoon to post tomorrow.  All made from recycled cards. 

Going to make a brew and have a bit of r&r in readiness for the morning commute Cxx

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