Monday, 2 April 2012

What a weekend

Well that flew in a whirlwind, where did it go? A busy weekend of gardening, cleaning, cooking, baking. I spent two days making the ultimate beef and ale pie, hubby says it was absolutely worth it I'm not too sure - I mean it did taste delish and there was/is 6 hearty portions but it was an awful lot of work. Whilst I had the oven on I made a huge pasty with the left over pastry and a filling of onions, potato, carrot, turkey breast, seasoning and herbs. Lunch for hubby for two days. I also managed to get another load of washing on the new line the 6th and as such the retractable washing line has paid for itself every one now is profit, although with snow forecast for the next 48 hours it maybe a wee while for the next load.

Just a note this is my first entry via my I-pad ( i am testing out the blogger app) which was a far too generous gift from my best friend, I was and still am completely overwhelmed

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  1. That pie looks gorgeous! I love the way that your husband says it was absolutely worth it, when you did all the cooking, He has the right idea!