Thursday, 12 April 2012

I'm back ..... and busy baking

Well I hope you all had a lovely Easter, most of mine was spent in Durham in a holiday cottage with hubby and friends.   Back to reality now, as tomorrow I’m back to work, truly a Friday the 13th ;) 
On returning this morning I looked in the fridge to see if I could be inspired.  All that was in there  (beside the usual eggs, onions, and a few very sad looking carrots) was a pack of smoked bacon, 8 cumberland sausages and a block of half price cheese.  Well I could make us a fry up for tea, with cheese butties for lunches, however as we spent more than budgeted on the holiday, decided I needed to make these morsels stretch a tad further , sooo

The bacon, onions, chopped tomatoes from the storecupboard, with herbs and chilli was whipped up into a batch of amatriciana sauce.  I portioned these out into single portions (as opposed to my normal portion for two) as its always handy to pull out of the freezer on the evenings that hubby is late at work and we don’t eat together.
I made some shortcrust pastry (very simply 650g plain flour, 250g baking fat, water)  and with that I made a cheese and onion quiche (using just a quarter of that whopping block); sausage, carrot and onion pastys and a sausage, carrot and onion and gravy pie. 

From an initially uninspiring choice where I may have stretched two meals from, with some work and a bit of imagination I have made 4 hearty pasties which will be two lunches for us; enough pasta sauces for two dinners; quiche which will be another 2 lunches (very hearty lunches) and a pie which will be a hearty supper.  So I make that at least 7 meals for the price of 2, not bad going

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  1. Your last posts have made me feel sooooo hungry!