Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekly Meal Plan

I thought I would take a tip from Frugal Girl who always outlines her weekly meal plan.  For me it will help me keep organised and planned.  It will also demonstrate how to eat well on a budget, I’ve been busy on the old calculator and this entire menu (breakfasts, lunch & dinners and snacks) for this week comes to a total price of £31.14, which comes to a daily cost per person of £2.22. 
Breakfasts – hubby has Weetabix, skimmed milk and Cranberry juice and I have porridge and coffee
Lunch – Hubby has couscous salad (I will share this recipe on Sunday when I make the next batch), 2 bananas, 2 apples each day.  I have soup, wholemeal bread
Monday – Lasagne*& Salad
Tuesday – Lasagne* & Salad
Wednesday – Chicken and Veg soup* and wholemeal bread
Thursday – scrambled egg on toast
Friday – Chilli Con Carne* and Rice
Saturday –  Pizza (Homemade naturally I will share my recipe on Saturday)
Sunday – Plate meat pie and veg (again homemade)

*All from the homemade ready meal collection from the freezer

In a bid to understand and manage the day to day spending I have set up a new page “spending diary” which I will be updating daily and can be found on the left hand side or via this link


  1. I wish my lot would let me do meal plans ..........lifes to hectic so i do a general weekly plan but change it day to day dependant on who is in

    Have you shopped at approved foods yet? Its an online food (ond other stuff) shop it sells stuff near its best before date for huge reductions some of the bulk buy deals have filled my pantry! If you fancy a look :

  2. Hi, Just started reading today, I love finding UK based frugal blogs and if I squinted right I think we live in the same town!