Monday, 16 April 2012

Where's the loyalty?

Whilst I am a relative novice in my new found frugal ways, I have to say there has always been one area that I have tried to excel .... I never automatically renew anything, I have absolutely no customer loyalty, always determined to beat any quote. Most insurance companies these days are quite canny, forcing you on automatic renewals done so under the altruistic guise that they are making life easier for you, so you don't have to go to the hassle of doing anything and you will be insured, my cynical self convinced they rely upon the complacency of many to do just that "nothing" and they are assured repeat custom. Hubby's car insurance is due and his renewal quote has come in for a little over £487, whilst we manage the insurance on line, to cancel this auto renewal required a telephone call ( to try and persuade me to remain, obviously I would have done if they met my new quote, they couldn't and I didn't). I have just renewed his insurance with a new company for £303. About an hour of my time, by using comparison site plus trawling a few I know who are not on comparison websites, added to that 5 minutes of a telephone call to cancel said auto renew, I have made a saving of £184, I would say the time was well spent. Cx


  1. Due to a change in circumstances I have had to renew breakdown cover, car, life and house insurance and have changed to a different company for each one and saved quite a substantial amount. It really is worth an hour or two of your time to check the best deal. X