Thursday, 29 March 2012

Calm down dear.......

Why has the country gone mad and started panic buying fuel? All around me the petrol stations are either running temporarily dry, or queues stretching right round the block, it's utter madness. I think people have in their memory the crisis 10 years ago when hauliers blocked the ability for tankers to deliver fuel and the country nearly ground to a halt. For any strike to be legal this union backed negotiations which may or may not result in strike are required to give 7 days notice. So peeps stop panicking, we will be given plenty of notice if there is a strike and plenty of time to act. Stop listening to the scare mongering of this Tory government, I'm convinced I heard the corks popping out of the champagne bottles at number 10 as they count all the extra revenue their actions have caused.


  1. My sentiments exactly. I have just read someones post on another blog in which she has noticed that panic buying has started in supermarkets too!

    1. Oh dear, I'd hate to see how the populous copes with a real national crisis