Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday Savings

I’ve managed to cut my food shopping down to one big shop per month which is then topped up with small essential shopping during the month.  Today was big shop day and I spent a total of £97.94, on analyzing the receipts I still have improvement to make and I will aim to spend no more than £100 for the rest of the month.  Again still improvement to make but considering only just a few months ago my monthly food/drink bill was in excess of £600 per month I’m not faring too badly 
My strategy today was a visit to Home Bargains first to see what I could get at a discounted price before going off to Sainsburys. 
My Home Bargain Savings were:
Sharwoods Mango Chutney at Home Bargains 99p at Sainsburys £1.99, I bought 3 jars (I don’t eat it but its hubbys fave and is a key ingredient in his weekly couscous lunches), so a saving of £3
Princes Tuna, I bought 4 cans of tuna at £2.99 versus £4.00 at Sainsburys (which was on special offer from its normal £6.99 price) still a saving on their savings of £1.01. 
12 luxury toilet rolls £2.79; 12 Sainsburys own brand toilet roll £5.78, saving of £2.99. 
Now with any shopping you have to be careful, I now have a really good feel of prices as I am constantly comparing on-line but you can end up paying more in discount stores such as Home Bargains than the supermarkets own offers, for example Home Bargains mints (again hubby needs packets of mints for work) 65p for two packets – Sainsburys £1 for 4 packets – I didn’t buy the Home Bargains ones but the Sainsburys so again a saving of (as I bought 12 packets) 90p so if you pick and choose you can end up getting the best from both and  saving considerably on your shopping bill.  My savings today picking and choosing between the two stores came to £12.67 – not bad J

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  1. it really does pay to shop about, and like you say, just because it is a discount shop, does not mean it is cheaper. Fab work on reducing the shopping bill too xx