Thursday, 1 March 2012

Notes from my Kitchen

I had the day off work today, in fact I have a long birthday weekend ahead of me free from “work” (of the paid kind).  Today was a busy day and I definitely wont need rocking tonight, there is something really lovely about that physical tired as opposed to my usual mental/emotional exhaustion.
Today I cleaned the house from top to bottom, it gleams J - I also cooked up a storm in preparation of my Saturday soiree en famille.  I made 4 shepherds pies, one with plain mash and  3 with mash with spring onions and cheese (yummm) (the 5kg of potatoes I made took some mashing, the old bicep got a good workout); I made a fish pie and knocked up a batch of chocolate cupcakes.
This just leaves me to make sausage rolls and my birthday cake – lemon and white chocolate.  Both of these I will make early Saturday morning.  So minus sending darling hubby out Saturday morning to buy some crusty bread; defrosting and warming through the mini cheese and onion scones I made the other day and quickly making some cheese straws for the dips, the food for my hopefully hungry guests is done J

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