Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day on a Budget

To those of you that are Mums, Happy Mother’s Day J
Like most children I adore my mum and just because I am on this frugal journey doesn’t mean I value her any less; I still want to spoil her, particularly on a special day.
I am one of 5 children (the youngest) and her only child who regrettably hasn’t been able to provide her with grandchildren.  So as my sisters are mums themselves they spend the day being spoiled by their children and as such I always get the joy of spending the day with mummy bear J
So I did what I always do and asked her what she would like for lunch, I love cooking and am grateful my friends and family love my cooking (or are kind enough to say they do).  So on today’s menu is: Cottage Pie (as she said she enjoyed it so much at my birthday soiree) and she has asked for my infamous afternoon tea scones as pudding (homemade scones brimming with strawberry jam, freshly whipped double cream and fresh strawberries).  I am also going to make a batch of my homemade sausage rolls as nibbles prior to the main. 
I went to Tesco’s on Friday and bought all the ingredients I needed to put on this spread (see below) and the total cost came to £13.37
Mince Beef (on special 2 packs for) £6
Desiree Potatoes                               £1.95 (now I’m a bit of a potato facist, I prefer homegrown but I don’t have any, however to make the perfect mash it has to be desiree potatoes )
Carrots                                               £0.33 (I had carrots in the fridge this was just the extra I needed)
Butter                                                 £1.19 (value range)
Strawberries                                       £1.00 (punnet on special offer)
600ml Double Cream                         £1.90
Sausage Meat                                    £1.00

The additional ingredients I already had in stock, onions, herbs (fresh from the garden), seasoning, stock cubes, flour, milk, caster sugar. I still have lots of bottles of wine (mainly gifts) from my birthday so she will be in fine spirits J

Now the above has made two big cottage pies, one for the four of us today (me, hubby, mummy and daddy bear) and another which will provide 2 meals for me and hubby.  Again there will be enough scones left to see us through the next couple of days.

So for one special meal and two additional teas £13.37 aint too bad, particularly as I spotted the meal deal in Tescos for £10, which whilst you think is good value, really wasn’t enough food to provide one decent meal just for 2 people and dare I say it doesn’t compete with the hearty meal for effectively 8 people that I will be creating.  J  Off to make my flaky pastry for the sausage rolls – Have a lovely day !!

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  1. And how was lunch with your mom? Sounds like you had a lovely day planned.