Sunday, 11 March 2012

Where did the weekend go?

Perhaps I was spoiled last week enjoying a long weekend, but this one has literally flown by in a whirl of shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, entertaining, cleaning, washing ….. and as its fast approaching Sunday evening, I feel more exhausted now than I did Friday, oh how to muster the energy for a long week ahead ??
Thankfully between leftovers and my stockpile of batch cooking favourites filling the freezer, I don’t need (at least) to do too much work with this week’s meals – So, on the menu this week …….
Monday               Left over Boeuf Bourguignon, new potatoes, cabbage and leeks
Tuesday               Bubble & Squeak (using up more leftover new potatoes and cabbage and leak)topped with poached eggs
Wednesday       Spag Bol (one of my batch cooking staples, just need to defrost portions of the sauce from the freezer)
Thursday             Another venture into the freezer and defrost portions of homemade chicken and veg soup with crusty bread
Friday                   Veggie Curry (again from the freezer) and Rice
Saturday              Pasta Amatriciana (again amatriciana a batch cooking favourite and once again delving into the freezer)
Sunday                 Mothers Day - I will be shopping for this meal as I tend to make my mum whatever her heart desires – I will ring her Tuesday and find out what she fancies J

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