Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Weekend Starts Here !!!!!

I have three days holiday to take before year end so have elected to have the next 3 consecutive Fridays off, a 4 day week bliss – Not to do the grueling commute tomorrow fills my heart it really does J
Tomorrow I am going to blitz the house, clean like a demon, laundry and ironing and do some shopping (for the weekend and Mother’s Day, mummy bear is coming for lunch J).  This then frees up my real weekend for me J
Saturday I plan to be out in the garden and prepare the veggie beds.  As you know I am an advocate for frozen veg as I do believe apart from the veg you grow yourself it is (dependent upon the veg) the best.  But there is nothing like growing your own, harvesting just when you need it, the taste is amazing :) - Below is a photo from my archives, hubby built the beds and this was last years early growing 
We've bought the seed potatoes a couple of weeks ago which are currently chitting in the garage and we will start sowing out the root veggies, lots of seeds left from last year.  The great thing with living near the sea is your soil is very sandy and is great for root veg (and also strawberries).  Just drilling seeds into the soil provides a fabulous crop of carrots and parsnips.  However there is still a distinct chill in the air so I’m going to just prepare the beds this weekend and draw up my planting plan (I'll share that on Saturday) perhaps leave it until next weekend to do the sowing, we’ll see how I or should I say the weather feels on Saturday J 

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