Saturday, 17 March 2012

Its a Good Life

Despite the rain we did manage to get out in the garden this morning to remove the covers from the veg beds, dig over the soil and generally tidy up in preparation for the year ahead.  Over the next two weeks the soil will get some needed air and sun on it and by the end of this month will be perfect for sowing. 
Beds just built by hubby 3 years ago - photo taken just before the top soil went in

Our first year as novice farmers J we just threw a load of seeds at the soil and waited to see what would grow.  We found very quickly that root vegetables did fabulously well  – the plumpness and taste is just out of this world – tastes like real food. Some veggies don’t do too well in our soil, courgettes, peppers, chilli’s, corn to name but a few.  So over the last few years we have hopefully honed the perfect crop, both in what grows well and what we like to eat. 
We also stagger the sowing – it makes sense really, but our first year just throwing seeds at the soil meant our crop harvested all at once and whilst we ate and froze and gave away as much as possible, a lot did have to be added to the compost bin (particularly salad) and as such we are now much more organized, staggering the sowing and as such get a staggered harvest, resulting in having fresh veg straight from the garden to the kitchen throughout Summer and Autumn J
Veg Plan
We have 4 Beds and we plan to grow this year
Bed 1     Potatoes
Bed 2     This bed has a small area sectioned off with Strawberries and Rhubarb (which is currently growing) – rest of the bed will have carrots, parsnips and leeks
Bed 3     White Onions; Red Onions; Cabbage; Brussel Sprouts
Bed 4     This bed is narrower than the rest and Rocket, variety of other salad leaves and spring onions will be grown
We also have a Damson tree and apple tree and a raspberry shrub planted in amongst the flower beds around the garden.  Don't you just love Spring - Happy Days J 


  1. Ha ha ! love the veg plot plans. Hope everything grows well for you. Do you rotate the crops every year ?

  2. Hi Eileen many thanks for leaving a comment, yes really important to rotate, hence the plan as after the winter I refer back to it to create the next year plan cx

  3. We rotate at the allotment, but it's surprising how many people don't bother. Then they wonder why things don't do so well!