Monday, 5 March 2012

I Don't Like Mondays !!!

Usually that is my mantra, I really don’t like Mondays; the weekend always go’s far too quickly and the thought of the long week ahead at work makes getting out of bed on a Monday morning an arduous task.  I normally spend at least 10 minutes each Monday morning thinking up of any reason not to go, can I pull a sicky? Have I any leave left and make up an emergency? Fake car breakdown? Lol  – I never do any of these and always go to work, but I always go through the same Monday morning ritual. 
Now it’s not that I hate my job, I mean it doesn’t light up my world, but the job is ok, I’m good at it and have really good colleagues.  It’s the commute which is a killer, 3 hours round trip.  My commute is neither frugal nor environmentally sound, however following a restructure at work I was moved to another city (I was grateful I still had a job, many didn’t), I constantly look for work nearer home, however in this economic climate there really isn’t much out there, beggars can’t be choosers – the commute is a bitch but at least I have a job J.
However today was an exception as I still have two days leave (back to work Wednesday) so this morning I was looking forward to a lie in – this unfortunately didn’t really happen as hubby's boss rang at 7.10am (hubby had already left for work) and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Ah well lie in tomorrow.
Today was a good and productive day – I spent the morning, stripping the bed, laundry, tidying up, making 6 thank you cards which took me to lunch time – I then popped to Sainsburys to pick up essential supplies and stamps; returned home, walked the dog and posted the cards and came back and hovered and mopped the floors (I live such a rock and roll lifestyle) I then tackled all the dreaded ironing.
I then heated up the sausage and cannelloni bean hot pot – recipe below,(the recipe is based on 6 portions, I always try and make extra so we can have a meal and then I can freeze, in this case 2 more meals for me and hubby), with the commute that I have, its always a must to have homemade ready meal that just needs warming through when I get home usually around 7pm each evening.
Cost for recipe £3.86 (this doesn’t include stock cube, herbs and chilli which are all store cupboard ingredients) – 64p per portion
15 sausages (hubby's portion has 3 sausages, mine 2)
2 onions
2 cans of cannelloni beans
2 cans of chopped tomatoes
400ml chicken stock (from a cube)

Slice your onions and sautee in some olive oil, add sausages and colour; add the chopped tomatoes, stock and the cannelloni beans (rinse the beans before you add), add the herbs and chilli and season to taste, simmer for 20 mins – It is really hearty and delicious – we had this tonight with some left over crusty bread and it was yumm

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  1. I get tired just reading about your commute. I cannot begin to imagine not getting home until the evening hours and then having to think about a meal. The weekends never seem long enough, do they? About the time we get to relax, it is over. Hope your week is going very well.