Sunday, 4 March 2012

No Spend Sunday

Ah I love days like today, I woke up fresh as a daisy despite my 2 days of gluttony and spent a very lazy morning pottering around the house and playing with the dog J.  Lunch consisted of leftovers (cottage pie and crusty bread) followed by a very bracing walk along the sea front.  We are incredibly lucky and live quite literally a hop, skip and a jump near one of the finest coastlines Britain has to offer; however today, whilst the sky was blue and the sun shone, the wind quite literally was blustering and an icy wind at that.  I like to think I am quite hardy but after 20 minutes we had to admit defeat and return home; however the cobwebs have been well and truly blown away.
This afternoon I have made some vanilla and choc chip cookies and currently making darling hubby’s weekly lunches of couscous salad.  I have also taken stock of my cupboards and freezer and from what I already have I am hoping to spend very little this week in supplies, I certainly think (minus a few basics of eggs, bread and milk) feed us both this week without having to do another shop, happy days J
Tonight’s tea is an experiment, I have some left over pastry from making yesterday’s sausage rolls and with that, some cream cheese, herbs, ham and perhaps some onion I am going to knock up some little savoury tartlets – that with left over cake is a fine Sunday tea. 
So what’s on the Menu this week?
Hubbys lunches will be couscous salad and mine will be soup
Evening Meals
Monday – Sausage and cannellini bean hot pot (homemade batch cooking from the freezer) left over crusty bread
Tuesday – Hubby is going to football, so will pick up a bag of chips – I’ll have beans on toast
Wednesday – Homemade cheese and onion quiche (I have 400ml of single cream which needs using up, lots of mature cheddar which was on special offer, I always have onions, eggs and fresh herbs from the garden and I will make my shortcut pastry) hubby will have a few oven chips with it
Thursday – Pasta Amatricana – Again batch cooking pasta sauce from the freezer
Friday – Vegetable curry (again batch cooking freezer staple), rice and I’ll make some flat breads
Saturday - – I have one chicken breast, 2 sausages, blackpudding and one pork chop in the freezer, so I am going to make a mix grill for us both with a poached egg and hubby can have a few over chips as well
Sunday – I will have to buy in some food, we have hubbys sister and his great aunt and uncle coming for lunch, beef bourgignon, new potatoes, spring greens, finished by apple crumble and custard is on the menu

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