Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Reward of Conserving Energy

I don’t watch too closely how much energy we use in our home, like many areas of my life huge improvements could be made, however I have tried consciously to use less.  It has also helped that we have had a relatively mild winter in comparison to the Siberian winters we have seen over the past few years.
I used to however keep the heating on during winter pretty much constantly, now I put on a jumper or jump into bed early with a book to prevent keeping the heating on.   This winter I just put the heating on to take the chill off the house and then switched it off early as I did jobs around the house to keep myself busy and relatively warm, all ploys to try and use less.
I pay my electricity and gas bills by monthly direct debit, there is always a risk with this in that you may be under or over paying, but I need to know and budget for a fixed amount whilst I financially manage myself out of debt.
My joint fuel bill (gas and elec) for the past 12 months has been £119 per month and with the ever increasing fuel prices I was expecting this to increase.  I religiously input my meter readings each month via my on-line account with Scottish Power and doing so tonight the marvelous computer has now reduced my monthly direct debit to £79 per month to prevent accumulating credit.  The extra £40 per month will help ease the ever increasing petrol prices, when I bought my car 5 years ago the cost to fill the tank was £35 it is now £60, during that 5 year period I have had a pay freeze, so in real terms a pay cut year on year, this extra £40 will certainly help ease the increase in the cost of the daily commute. 

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