Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cheap Chic

I have wanted a dressing table for quite some time.  I am not normally a materialistic person who wants things, I say this with hand on heart, my debt was not accumulated through shopping for new clothes, shoes etc as I have always hated shopping.  It has been accumulated through laziness and waste mainly, all those ready meals from M&S, lavish dinner parties with friends, never being able to say no to an invitation and being too generous with gifts and not forgetting the dreaded student loan - as my mother would say Champagne taste but Beer money lol.  But I have wanted a dressing table J

Now the only space it could go in was not conventional and I am also quite fussy, so we have searched and searched, found ones on-line for £300 or more and looked in second hand shops but nothing suited. 

On my birthday my darling hubby made me my very own bespoke and dare I say chic dressing table which is just pure perfection. 

It cost less than £10 to make for the wood and paint and a further £7 for the mirror (second hand that he painted the wood to match the table) so for a total of £17 I have finally got what I have craved – the hours he spent in sourcing, measuring, making it (as the advert says) is priceless – mwah xxx

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