Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Now where did I leave that Left Arm??

Talk Talk had a melt down yesterday and as such our land line and internet connection was down all evening.  I literally felt as though I had lost my left arm, which was a tad worrying…. Surely I am not that addicted to technology??  Having the time to think (always a dangerous activity in my case ;), I have concluded that perhaps I am.  After a long day at work,(where I spend pretty much all day on a computer) including my 3 (bet you’re envious J) hours commute , by the time I’ve got home, made tea, cleaned the kitchen, I am fit for nothing.  I find very little on telly that is of interest and as such spend what little is left of my evenings, blogging, reading other blogs, generally surfing the old net – does that make me sad? 
When I am working I struggle to switch off, so whilst I love nothing better than spending a day reading a book when I’m on hols, during normal life I do struggle to turn the old grey matter off and just indulge in such a simple pleasure.    One day perhaps I will be able to re-address the balance J

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