Monday, 26 March 2012

Marvellous Monday

Oh what a day, with the glorious sunshine and the clocks going forward (for some reason I always really struggle when the clocks go back, like I have a form of jet lag – bizarre) I am re-energised.  Early start on the commute to work got me in the office for 8.30am. I was so busy I didn’t stop for a break or lunch, I managed one cup of tea and one glass of water all day and waited until I was leaving before going to the loo (it was one of those days) however I managed to sneak away and get home for 5.40pm which is practically half a day for meJ.  A whole evening to myself, as hubby will be late due to a school mass so won’t be home until after 9pm. 
As soon as I got home I stripped the bed and put a load of washing on (planning to peg it on the line in the promised glorious sunshine tomorrow), made pasta sauce from scratch (onion, herbs, chili, chopped tomatoes, and some torn wafer thin ham finished with crème fraiche).  I had a portion for my tea and I’ve plated up a portion for myself for tomorrow night’s tea and I put hubbys in Tupperware for his tea  tomorrow night (governors meetings straight after school so again won’t be home until after 9pm) to ping in the microwave at work.

I also made a loaf of cheese, chive and ham bread, soo yummy.  It’s such an easy loaf to make and was inspired by my chives which have suddenly exploded in my herb bed in this good weather, a fab and very delicious way to use them. 

I then cleaned the kitchen, put another load of washing on, re-made our bed and did some “work” e-mails.  It’s now 8.30pm and time for me, a brew and a catch up in blog land before settling in bed with a good book.  A very productive and satisfying day. 

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