Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Curing a cold ..... Nature’s Way

Half of my team at work are down with some dreaded lurgy and I myself today have battled on despite feeling a tad rough.  I decided to delve into the freezer this morning in preparation of tonight’s tea and unearthed some homemade chicken soup. 
I am a firm believer in the powers of what is fondly referred to as Jewish penicillin.  A huge bowlful of this sooo tasty broth really has made me feel so much better.  It maybe all psychosomatic but I don’t care – it works for me J 

I always make chicken soup after we have had a roast dinner, left over meat I often make a pie and then the carcass is put in a big stock pot with an onion chopped in half, bay leaf, pepper corns and a chicken stock cube, filled with cold water until it just covers the chicken.
I then boil for about an hour. 
Once boiled and cooled a little, I take the chicken out and strip the carcass of every last bit of chicken, putting the chicken back in the  stock pot (I remove the bay leaf) and the rest in the bin.
I then add whatever veg I have, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and peas tend to be the norm.  I then cook for about 20 minutes, blend, season and e voila yummy, heart warming, food that feeds the body and soul. 

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