Sunday, 25 March 2012

Make hay while the sun shines

Well it’s a bit early in the year for hay making but took advantage of the sunshine none the less J  Now I am just at the beginning of this frugal journey, I have a lot to learn and I have a lot to change.  Today was a day of change.  I have always (religiously) used a tumble dryer and I use it every day.  I do a minimum of 7 loads of washing a week and usually about 10 loads, I know this is mad as it’s just me, hubby and a little dog, but when it comes to cleaning I am a bit mad. 
The average cost of each load of drying is about 60p in electricity (according to the t’internet), based upon my conservative 7 loads a week this comes in at a staggering £218.40 per year.  So today I made the first step in changing this and I bought a retractable washing line (this was only £2.99 at B&M bargains), hubby doubts it will last long as it is quite flimsy and he’s already had to change the mount and screws to give it additional strength, but I have faith.  He has also made me a clothes pole for free.  When we moved into this house, there were odd lengths of 2x4 wood in the garage and hubby has taken one and cut a v in it and its doing a grand job holding the heavy line up. 

The British weather will dictate how often it will be used but providing I use it 5 times it has paid for itself.  I will use it every fine day we have and will keep a record of how often I do use to see how much I will be saving.
It’s one small step, but they all count J

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  1. I too have been weaning myself off the dryer, things smell so much nicer too.